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Advice: Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes also is known as Diabetes Mellitus is a worldwide disease that indicates an increase in the blood sugar level of an individual. The person urinates frequently and feels hungry as well as thirsty. It is a very harmful disease and if left untreated, leads to anomalies in the heart, kidney, and eyes. A chronic disease like Diabetes may or may not be fixed with General Surgeon. The reason for diabetes is the less production of the hormone named insulin or due to the fact that the body cells fail to respond to the insulin.

The former is known as Type 1 Diabetes and the later as Type 2 Diabetes. A healthy diet and regular exercise along with proper doses of insulin is the perfect way to cure this disease. The dose must be taken considering the amount of food that is consumed. The glucose level must also b checked from time to time.

Tests such as A1C are very helpful to record glucose levels. Blood pressure along with cholesterol should also be monitored. Exercise is the key to a healthy heart. Smoking is very harmful to human health especially the cardiovascular system. It must be stopped at all costs. Professional consultation is also recommended in case of Diabetes.

Both of the above-mentioned conditions may even lead to a coma. Diabetic patients of Type 1 are given NPH insulin whereas Type2 patients require oral doses too. Metformin is another viable option for the later. The use of ACEIs has been very effective in curing diabetes. The best way to tackle diabetes is by never letting it get to you. Start today by changing your lifestyle. A healthy diet and routine exercise can work wonders for you. This keeps your weight in check and prevents any sort of chronic abnormalities. Take a fast walk in the park or you can go swimming for a couple of minutes each day. Consult your physician and get started today to keep out diabetes for good.

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